Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Crystal Rocked Launch range of Swarovski Guitars

Since 2006 Crystal Rocked have been working direct with Swarovski and leading brands to create unique working pieces of art........ This lead Crystal Rocked to working with Gibson in 2007 creating the first fully crystallized guitar which was used as Gibson's feature guitar.  This guitar went on to be played by some of the worlds leading artist and toured for 4 years before being retired and exhibited in the Gibson wall of fame.

Since then Crystal Rocked has produced many custom guitars all unique and custom designed to each clients need.  On average 14,000 individual Swarovski crystals are used with over 100 man hours to create a working piece of art.

These are now available direct through and will be part of our new Limited Series products.

For price and more information then please contact


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Very stylish instrument. I like this very much.

Crystal Custom

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