Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Crystal Rocked produce the worlds first 24ct Gold Dr Dre Beats Studio Headphone

Crystal Rocked has produced the worlds first 24ct Gold plated Dr Dre Beats Studio headphones called the “COLLECTOR SERIES”. After 6 months of development Crystal Rocked has now produced a limited edition range of only 50 pieces of the 24ct Gold plated headphones with 10 pieces reserved exclusively for Harrods Department store, London (through Micro Anvika).

On purchase of the headphones you will find that they are presented in a custom made walnut box which is engraved with the headphone serial number and manufacture number 1-50 on the lid.. Each purchase shall also carry a Certificate of authenticity card relating to your individual purchase. This number is unique and identifies to the individual customer as to guarantee the authenticity and warranty.

The online price are £1489.00 and available online www.crystalrocked.com


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Man I Want Those Gold 24K Beats Or The Black Chrome Ones I Saw Some Blue Studio Ones That
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