Monday, 1 November 2010

Nadine Coyle's new CrystalRoc chrome and crystal microphone

CrystalRoc teamed up again with Nadine to create a unique and elegant new microphone to help launch her new album Insatiable.
The Girls Aloud singer debuted the microphone on the Paul O'grady show on the 29th October while she was performing her new single Insatiable.

The microphone is a Sennheiser G2 935 and CrystalRoc high chromed the whole microphone, then laid 400 Swarovski crystals in to Nadines chosen design.

The song will be the first track released from her forthcoming album, which is also called Insatiable.

The single is released on November 1 with the album - which will be sold exclusively in Tesco - hitting the shelves a week later.


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