Wednesday, 10 November 2010

CrystalRoc Piano - The World’s First Range of Fully-Crystallized Pianos.

CrystalRoc, in collaboration with Steinway & Sons, is announcing the addition of fully-crystallized, custom-built grand pianos to its collection of exclusive musical instruments. Encrusted with over a million, individually-positioned Swarovski crystal elements, no two pianos will be alike, as the colour and design of the crystallization will be personalized according to the wishes of each individual client.

“The CrystalRoc Piano is unparalleled and will add to the elegance of any luxury private residence, penthouse suite, or super-yacht, the range will cater to the elite private consumer, high-end interior designers and the world of entertainment and celebrity, All our customers will have the ability to influence the creative process as the aim is to produce an original work-of-art that represents their unique style.” - Crystal Roc

The CrystalRoc Piano will be available worldwide in small (Model M), medium (Model B) and large (Model D) sizes. Prices start at £495,000 and any existing design (brand images, personal motifs, artist logos, family crests, franchise colours, team emblems), or an original concept, can be incorporated into the structure of the crystallization.



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