Wednesday, 27 October 2010

CrystalRoc continue to customize Monster Dre Dre headphones

Due to demand, Crysta lRocked has produced the Crystal Rocked Dr Dre Tour headphones.
Beats Tour features Monster's driver design. Because the ultra-fast response time, the Beats Tour driver can accurately reproduce the full sound and details of today's digital music with precise clarity, natural vocals, and big bass punch. Most in-ear headphones simply cut off the low end of your music because they simply can't reproduce low audio frequencies. It took well over three years to develop and fine-tune the technology that makes Beats Tour bass so big, you'll think Monster puts a subwoofer in your head. Dr. Dre would have it no other way. Beats Tour in-ear noise isolation cuts external noise for a better music experience than traditional earbuds. With Beats Tour, you'll hear everything no matter how loud the rest of the world is.

Each pair is CRYSTALLIZED with Swarovski crystals and are currently available through at a price of £220.00


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